Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Comic Con ( 13.07.12 )


Joseph Gordon-Levitt | Comic Con ( 13.07.12 )

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On being judged

When I started dating my boyfriend, his mother was very upset and asked him “Why aren’t you dating a white girl?”

On acceptance

I love myself.

On being stereotyped

I was Valedictorian in my high school. I worked hard for my grades, but everyone said it was because I am Asian.

On being smart

People always asked if the reason I succeeded academically was because I was Asian and so is one of my parents. I really thought it was because I was smart, but I’m not so sure…

On being cultured.

Asians are the minority around here but is minority always a bad thing to think about? Even though I may feel like the 1% in about all of my classes, it gives me a chance to stand out and be proud of my heritage. I am the culture in these uncultured walls.

On being treated fairly

I work harder than all my friends, get better grades and hold myself to a higher standard. Why is it then, that I feel like I’m treated like a second class citizen?

On being in the middle

It’s hard to be proud of being Asian when even fellow Asians don’t consider you a “real” one because you’re not necessarily from “The Orient.”

On school

No, teacher, I’m not sleeping. I’m Asian.

On being good enough

Even though I realized a long time ago that I would never be good enough to meet my parents expectations, it still hurts when they pick on me.

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On Roommates

I love my white roommates, they just don’t get me though and they probably won’t.

On Blame

Every time a white boy doesn’t like me back, I blame it on me being Asian…but I don’t really know why.

On being recognized.

I can’t help but blame education for my struggles…where are all the Asians in our books? When do we ever talk about Asians in the classrooms? Even as minorities in the discourse of minorities, we are invisible. I can’t help but think we are silenced in the most basic way, but forgetting about us, by ignoring us.

On stereotypes

Sometimes white people ask me if I know Kung Fu and ace all my math tests. I say no, do you play golf and suck at dance?